Road Map



Road Map

We work closely with you and your team to map your current wrehouse and logistics processes.  We then highlight areas of improvement and opportunities to explore.

The creation of a roadmap identifies how to maximise your current process, software and infrastructure.

Where are you now?

To manage your warehouse and logistics functions, you need to be able to effectively plan, make decisions and adapt.

You can’t do any of these things if you can’t interpret your warehouse processes and you’re just feeling your way around in the dark.

Supply Today can turn on the light. With our warehouse As-Is state review, we can help you interpret your current processes so you can make better decisions and identify how to turn your warehouse function into a competitive advantage.

We’ll work with your warehouse team to collect, analyse and interpret your process in order to identify opportunities to improve your logistics.

What do we do?

A consultants will spend time at your site and walk your entire order to dispatch process.  Front to back, back to front along with all touch points in the process.

During the review a process map will be created with comments and identified issues for you to review.

At the end of the review some time will be needed to discuss the findings from the report. 

The report provided will outline your current processes, issues identified and suggestions for changes to improve the outcomes.

What use is the report?

From the report you will be able to see opportunities and threats in your logistics and warehouse processes. 

You can use the report to consider what needs to be actioned, who is impacted and how it will be done.

Supply Today can assist with a strategy develpment program using the As-Is state report if major opportunities for improvement are identified. 

How can we help?


As Warehouse Consultants we understand your requirements, we understand planning, and we understand execution that delivers measurable results.


Supply Today offers you a unique combination of hands-on experience in setting up complex, multi-faceted organisational processes, advanced logistics-strategy formulation skills, and proven implementation track record in high compliance environments.

Do you know where you are now?

Do you need to move your warehouse from business brake to business advantage?

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