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Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

Please find attached an extract from a performance management manual that I thought you would find humorous and interesting.

It was written by the Managing Director of MAUS Business Systems and illustrates the importance of staff motivation and positively within the framework of a business.

Developing a goal orientated structure where all personnel are a part of the bigger picture is paramount to the ongoing success of any organisation. I hope you will find this to be of interest.

An Observation on Business:

One of the most important things I have learnt over the last 10 years is that an organisation should be treated as a team. When that team is well trained, well prepared and positively motivated, the company is naturally propelled in a forward direction.

Managers must acknowledge the fact that they employ people, not robots. An understanding of human nature is essential before projects can be effectively managed and full potential achieved. Positive, well-motivated people give five times more productivity than a group of unmotivated personnel.

In order to create a positively charged organisation, there needs to be clear goals, recognition of achievement, adherence to systems and a certain level of discipline, all contained within a flexible organisational structure.

Conduct an audit on organisations anywhere in the world and you will probably find that over 50% have an inherent negative corporate culture. In fact I am sure a memorandum similar to the following would be right at home in any number of organisations.

Memo to all employees

When you join this organisation, we will set deadlines but it is all right if you miss these deadlines. Please feel free to make excuses, procrastinate and generally fall behind schedule.

Remember that we have priorities but don't worry about achieving them. It is essential that you concentrate on less important things and constantly shift paper from one side of your desk to the other.

Members of the sales team will be given a target of 35 calls per day, but after the first week we of course understand that each day something very important will happen so that you will only achieve 10 of these calls.

The company will set goals and objectives but of course we will forget what we set out to achieve until we re-read the business plan at the start of next year. We will tell you three months after we have finished the year that you should have performed better.

We would like to breed a negative culture and a class of people who instinctively say, "No, I can't do it. It is too hard". As part of this culture we will make sure we develop systems that are not followed through.

By the way feel free to play power games at any given opportunity.

Signed: The Managing Director

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