Specialised logistics consultant services

Logistics & Warehouse Consultants

Our services are specifically designed around the needs of quality outcomes for our clients requiring efficient, yet sophisticated, compliant and operational excellence from the very beginning.

We provide a wide range of healthcare specific logistics and warehouse consulting services from:

  • outsourcing
  • insourcing
  • distribution centre design
  • warehouse layouts
  • process improvements
  • project management
  • cold chain storage
  • transport and distribution
  • technology implementation; and
  • quality process implementation to full GWP audits
Logistics Consultants
Warehouse Consultans

We can provide Turn-key solutions


  • preparing specifications from your brief,
  • designing the facility layouts and systems,
  • preparing validation protocols for infrastructure,
  • building the required infrastructure (Cold-chain, Cleanrooms, DG Storage etc) from scratch,
  • validating; and
  • ultimately commissioning all parts to operationalise a fully functioning Distribution Centre


To deliver the warehouse outcomes to meet compliance needs and fit your business, we use an agile and flexible methodology, adaptable productivity and analytical tools, and help to provide visibility to assist with your needs.


Our focus is to provide you with a solution that increases accuracy and your profits, is flexible, improves turn-around time, by optimising your current processes, technology and meets compliance needs.

Technology Implementations


Warehouse Management System selection and / or implementation project management


  • preparing specifications from your brief
  • designing process to work with your systems
  • preparing testing protocols for implementation
  • working with the software provider as an intermediary between the warehouse and technicians
  • validating; and
  • ultimately management of the go-live to a fully functioning warehouse


Our focus is to provide you with a management solution that is flexible, improves turn-around time, by optimising your current processes and technology to meet your needs.

Trusted - Reliable - Agile

With a proven track-record and a portfolio of successful assignments, we are dedicated to improving your entire warehouse and logistics needs according to your unique product requirements and current infrastructure.

Having worked with small, medium and world class multi-national companies in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical, cold storage and 3PL environments where compliance is mandated, we have a real-life approach to problem solving to achieve logistics compliance eliminating learning on the job when we are working with you.

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