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It’s one thing to have an inspired logistics function, supported by a visionary strategy that is aligned with your company objectives and based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). It’s another thing entirely to know how to manage it day in, day out... and achieve operational excellence.

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3PL review

Outsourced Warehouse Review

Outsourcing your warehousing to a third part logistics (3PL) service provider can be a great idea. Like many modern businesses, the need to focus on your core activities is paramount and that is why outsourcing to Third Party Warehouse providers is so popular in many leading companies today.

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logistics audit


While the focus of our logistics consulting approach is on doing (not just recommending), we’re often called upon to help our clients assess their current logistics or supply chain position. They want to know: •What is my current customer service level? •What and where are my hidden costs?

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agile flexible logistics

Agile and Flexible Logistics

Agility and flexibility are the essence of good logistics. Adaptive and able to move quickly is necessary for an effective distribution strategy. Each order must be handled differently. Each customer has their own set of instructions and requirements to satisfy. In addition Logistics need to be lean. Do more with fewer resources.

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logistics consultant

Logistics Consultants

We’re all familiar with the popular image of the consultant. A sharp-suited, ideas machine, who parachutes in, identifies "synergies”, encourages job cuts, and maybe gets your boss to take you on a team-building, motivational exercise on the Sunshine Coast. If that’s your experience, then the good news is that’s not us.

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logistics strategy


A CEO was interviewing an applicant for the top sales role in his business. Things were going well. The CEO said to the applicant if you can get me to buy this laptop, you have the job. The applicant stood up, disconnected the CEO’s laptop, tucked it under his arm and left the room. A few hours later the CEO called the applicant and asked...

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virtual logistics consultant

Virtual Logistics Consultant

Virtual Logistics consultants have transformed the traditional view of the consulting field. One is no longer stuck playing host to a mixed team of experienced experts and junior consultants. Today, you can pick a senior consultant to deliver his or her individual, specialised expertise over the phone or via the Internet.

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20 questions

20 Logistics Questions

Logistics are complicated, Supply Today make it simple, easy to understand and we make it work for you. Examine your performance critically or ask your customers what they think. If you are not totally comfortable your current Logistics processes are the best they can be, can you risk not improving them

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project management

Project Management

At Supply Today, we have vast experience in Logistics project management. In fact, our team of specialist consultants totals more than 30 years in a variety of project management roles, from Warehouse Managers to Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers to General Managers.....

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