Supply and Distribution of Therapeutic Goods

Overview (August 2017)

• Supply & Distribution of Medical Devices

• Supply & Distribution Medicines

  – Domestic Supply

  – Supply from overseas

• Medicine Sponsor’s Responsibilities

  – Release For Supply

  – Transportation

  – Wholesale distribution

• Good Distribution Practice

The Art of Setting KPI's

The trouble is many companies don't know what to measure.

The result: bad management, mixed messages, confusion and employees focusing on the wrong thing.

KPI's need to be handled with care.

Some companies use many KPI's, others have a handful.

But they all need to use the right ones.

Lean Warehouse Fact or Fiction?

Many companies are now talking about Lean Warehousing with their Third Partly Logistics (3PL) service providers.

It has developed a reputation as somewhat of a panacea to the problems of the typical warehouse.  But what is Lean Warehousing?

And does it really live up to its promise?

More importantly, how can you make it work in your warehouse?

Manage Cost in 3PL Warehouse

This case study finds a fresh approach to a growing business can save costs with third party warehousing and logistics providers (3PL).

The focus was on a fast moving consumer goods importer that had been experiencing major volume growth with its third party warehouse provider.

They were receiving cost increases above expectations and budgeted rates.

Get Your Warehouse in Order

| Phil Dobbie

(10min 48): If you are looking at making cutbacks then the warehouse might be a good place to start.  The chances are you're overstaffed and holding too much inventory.

Lean warehousing could create efficiencies for your business.

BTalk Australia Phil Dobbie talks to John Hogg, Managing Director of Supply Today, who explains the five S approach to creating a lean warehouse.

The Problem of Lean Sustainability

| Jim Womack

I recently got a call from an old friend who led one of the first lean implementation efforts in healthcare in the mid-1990s.

He has moved on to other challenges and we hadn't had a chance to catch up in recent years.

So I asked him what happened to the lean initiative in the healthcare organisation where he had been a senior manager.

Jim Womack, Chairman and Founder - Lean Enterprise Institute.

Web Site Launch Announcement

| Supply Today

Sydney, NSW, Australia (August 26, 2017)

Supply Today is pleased to announce it has launched a newly designed logistics and warehouse consultant web site.

Supply Today provide solutions to companies needing operational excellence in their logistics, warehouse and compliance processes.

This site is dedicated to providing businesses with information to improve customer service, inventory and warehouse results.