Logistics Questions


Logistics 20 Questions

Where are you today?

Logistics is a complicated business, Supply Today make it simple, easy to understand and we make it work for you.

Examine your delivery performance critically or ask your customers what they think.


  • Do you meet the delivery times required by your customers?
  • Are you receiving minimal complaints from customers about your service?
  • Is your service level differentiating you from your competition?
  • Do you have a low volume of returns or credits?
  • Is your inventory investment minimal for your service levels?
  • Do you have zero out of stocks improving your overall sales?
  • Do you have your stock obsolescence under control?
  • Is inventory accuracy / loss performing in line with levels set in the budget?
  • Are your distribution costs reducing year on year as a % of sales?
  • Has all firefighting been removed from the process?
  • All of your processes are documented to assist with knowledge sharing of your processes?
  • Your Logistics improvement projects are on time and on budget?
  • Your Logistics processes can cope with sudden increased demands with little external visibility?
  • Have you removed the need to use express freight to meet customer or stock demands?
  • All of your Logistics costs are measured and tracked each month?
  • All of your Logistics processes are measured and tracked each month?
  • Do you have the specialist skills needed to improve your performance?
  • With your current resources can your company improve its Logistics performance significantly?
  • Are you an expert in process re-engineering?


Give yourself 1 point for each time you answered YES and 0 each time you answered NO.

If you scored less than 15 points, you almost certainly need help.

A score of 15 or less means that you are not likely to be in the top 25% of suppliers, but remember, in most cases only the top 10% get noticed by customers.

Many companies realise they need help after answering the "20 Logistics Questions".

If you are not totally comfortable that your current Logistics processes are the best they can be, can you risk not improving them, knowing that they could be so much more?

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